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Shrink® Toning Lotion

Deze geavanceerde Shrink Toning Lotion is speciaal ontworpen om tot diep in de huid door te dringen. Hierdoor zorgt hij er niet alleen voor dat vetcellen krimpen maar ook dat cellulitis en striae verdwijnt. Je huid wordt strak en zacht.


Geschikt voor mensen die willen afslanken, sporters, mensen met huidproblemen of cellulitis.


100% effectief


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'Shrink Toning Lotion is a topical cream that focuses on abs and thigh, then turns to address all other areas by increasing your own body heat and enhances thermogenic activity. As stored fat is burned for energy, your skin tightens to reduce the appearence of cellulite and stretch marks. Shrink is designed to work into the deeper layers of your skin to really target the areas that need the most attention. This is a lotion that’s designed to penetrate the adipose deposits beneath the surface level of your skin, which in turn means that it’s able to get the job done more quickly than some of the other similar products out there. Shrink enables your body to burn more efficiently and effectively. Instead of storing nutrients, your body burns it up giving you more energy'. - Shrink Toning Lotion